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Skin Bleaching


Beautifully transform your skin in as little as five days with unique, all-natural skin lightening & bleaching products from Fair & Flawless.  Combining safe, botanically based ingredients with dermatologist-approved formulations, our luxurious creams and gels will safely and gently reveal the complexion color you’ve always wanted.

Wonderfully nourishing…delightfully rich…sinfully sensual…Fair & Flawless products are for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate in skin bleaching – without the use of damaging and toxic chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury. Try our products and see for yourself why thousands of women worldwide choose Fair & Flawless for all their skin bleaching needs.

Fair & Flawless™ 5xf Body Lightening Gel

Oil free and lightweight, this all-over body gel contains specially formulated Sepiwhite*— 20 times more effective than hydroquinone—but safe to use. Want your legs long, smooth, and creamy colored? Your shoulders to have a uni-color gleem? Get 5xf Body Lightening Gel now. Smooch it all over, and get ready for a color that’ll put you in miniskirts and halter tops faster than you thought possible. FOR BODY USE ONLY. DO NOT APPLY TO FACE.    

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Skin Soho™ White Tea Lightening Gelée

Women from the Far East are notorious for their flawless, glowing and fair complexions. So are the fabulous celebrities of Hollywood. Jealous? Don’t be! Get Skin Soho’s White Tea Lightening Gelée for the same creamy complexions of your fashionista sisters in the East and the glowing celebrities in Hollywood. Relax your mind and condition your skin with nourishing aloe vera, rosehip extract, rosemary, jasmine, mulberry extract and powerful sepiwhite. Your skin will be totally flawless to the eyes and incredibly soft to the touch. Perfect for all over body use, and easy to control.. Use a little or a lot for the ultimate in skin lightening luxury. 

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Skin Soho™ Cocktail Serum

Still plagued by that burn on your hand? How about that scar above your eyebrow that’s still a little discolored? Continue to be haunted by pre-pubescent acne scars? Think you just have grin and bear it? Not anymore. Skin Soho’s Cocktail Serum is here to help you say goodbye to unsightly and uneven skin tones. Safe and effective for all-over corrective lightening and evening, and can be used on the entire body. You don’t have to make a Hollywood paycheck to look like a million dollars. The stars may opt for plastic surgery, but all you need is Skin Soho™ Cocktail Serum!      

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Skin Soho™ Facial Lightening Parfait

Like a refreshing trip to the sandy beaches of the Bahamas, our Facial Granita Cleanser will polish your skin to perfection. Gentle, yet effective, this cleanser uses purified sea water and a specially formulated combination of ingredients and exfoliating granules to leave your skin smooth and creamy. Granita Cleanser is specially formulated to conform to your skin’s needs and type. Sepi-white* works with gentle cleansing agents to exfoliate and rejuvenate. A micro particle polish finishes the action, leaving skin smoochably soft and kissably clean. Perfect for every skin type. 

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Skin Soho™ Granita Cleanser

Oohh la la…even the girls from the Champs-Elyseés will be jealous of this one. Save on calories and treat your face with this oh-so-decadent lightening parfait! Lighter than air, our parfait not only corrects those facial imperfections it corrects discoloration of the neck and chest; very effective on erasing blotches and spots from acne, sun damage, and Mother Nature; gently resurfaces the skin ,hydrates, protects non irritating, non greasy with twist of Caribbean breeze caressing your face. So what are you waiting for? Toss that useless tub of butter crème and get a real treat for your face, neck and chest! After all, nothing is sweeter than a perfect complexion.

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