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 #1 seller worldwide! An airy skin lightener that resurges the skin with health, glow and heightens a brighter tone.

A non-negotiable favorite with celebrities and public figures worldwide who rely every day on their flawless appearance. (No, we can’t tell you their names, but you would recognize them if we did!) It’s our best selling therapy from Dubai to Hollywood, Johannesburg to New York.

This delicious-textured Parfait combines multiple exclusive brightening agents for extra power to correct spots and blotches from acne, sun, melasma and hormones—even post-chemotherapy or post-radiation hyperpigmentation. Gives your face, neck and chest a newly radiant, even tone. Gently resurfaces the skin for baby-soft texture. Deeply moisturizing herbal extracts provide soothing, antioxidant protection.


Aloe Vera, Purified Sea Water, Sorbitol, Glycereth-26, Corpus Crispus, Green Tea Extract, Nano White ,Sepi-calm VG, Allantoin, Lemon Extract, White Ginger Extract, Carbomer-940, Wild Chamomile, Alpha-Arbutin, Sephiwhite msh, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, Tamarind Extract, Malic Acid, Apple Extract, Horse Chestnut, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Natural Fragrance


A side effect of continued use is overall skin lightening or brightening of your natural skin tone, as the active ingredients that erase spots and blotches will gently minimize overall melanin production as well. Many clients prefer this, and it is perfectly safe to use Skin Soho products as long as you desire.
SIZE: 1oz / 30ml
To use: Apply twice daily; AM/PM after cleansing and balancing with Skin Soho Granita+ Latte brightening cleanser. Pair with Skin Soho Parfait Booster Serum for amplified lightening results.
Use fingertips to gently sweep Parfait over your face, neck and chest. Massage into skin and allow to absorb.
Reviewed by Danielle 

I had so many problems with uneven skin especially on my face. I had this problem since I was a teenager. It made me very self-conscious whenever I went out in public. I purchased the Parfait and immediately noticed a difference. My skin tone evened out and I decided to brighten my skin up a few shades as well. I feel so much more confident when I go out in public now. Very happy customer :)))

Reviewed by Elizabeth 

This product works! I've tried Obagi and natural organic skincare regimens (on top of a vegan diet)... nothing truly eliminated the hyperpigmentation that was aging my skin. On the first day I used this parfait, I was getting compliments on my glowing skin. After a few weeks, all age spots that I'd had for years were gone. I now look (according to sites like How Old Do I Look) 28 when I just turned 34. So I have a 6 year differential now thanks to this amazing product. Despite the expense, it is the only thing that works!

Reviewed by Lucy 

The parfait is my secret skin potion. My sister in law asks me what I'm using but I just tell her I was born this way :)) Recommend it for anyone with Asian skin tone.


Reviewed by Tina 

This is amazing product, the only product that has really help my acne disappear. It works

Reviewed by San D

This product is the best! I've spend a lot of money on other products. I notice a big difference on the 3rd day. I will buys it again.

Reviewed by R.M 

i just got this product and i love it its so silky on my face.

Reviewed by Amanda R

OMG..Words cannot explain my results. Every review I read is true about the skin parfait. I mean I seen results the same day LADIES NO LIe..the best skin care line out here. People are asking what im using and im scared to spill the secret.:)

Reviewed by Ruby 

This product really really works - and fast. Been amazing! And you only need a little so it goes a long way.

Reviewed by Sam 

This is the BEST PRODUCT EVER!! buy it Now no joke its really awesome, i had very dry acne prone skin, and it cleared it all, every time i get acne somewhere in my face i put this product on and literally by overnight everything disappears. And oh yea it made me 3 shades lighter..loved it, thank you guys!!

Reviewed by Ruby 

Great product..

Reviewed by Jamie 

This parfait has to be the last word in skin whitening creams. I can''t say how much I love this product! This literally made my skin a shade fairer and more translucent overnight. No joke. Works way better than other costlier high-end brands, and although the price is a little steep, a little goes a long way. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Anonymous 

I have been using this product since 2009, and it has been awesome, and I MUST say amazingly wonderful.

Reviewed by Kimberly 

I LOVE this gel because it gently lifts my skintone, while also giving me a nice golden appearance. I will continue to use it, works great as a daily moisturizer.

Reviewed by ryan 

this product is truly life changing n i love it!

Reviewed by denma 

your facial lightening parfait is simply the best. there is no better way of saying I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. pls keep up the good work.

Reviewed by Kimberly P, 

Hello, I have been a consumer of yours for years and I love your products. I generally tend to purchase the facial lightening cream and my last purchase I tried the soho facial lightening cream. Great products!!!! I was curious to know if after you make so many purchases if your able to receive I discount on 1 of your orders. If not do you If not do you have any coupons or specials on these two products? Please respond at your nearest convenience and again thank you for making such wonderful products!

Kimberly Person

Reviewed by Sukhjit 

Hello F&F Team,

First of all I want to thank you a lot. This is the first time I have tried your product. I was very confused in the beginning. I read some reviews which had both negative and positive points but there were a lot of complains about customer service.
Well I am thrilled with the product that I am using right now. It is just so amazing & everyone is asking me what I am using. I have start using this Soho...for face, as of Oct 2nd & my face have a big difference. Its just over a week and I am very happy with the results.
I had gone through so much emotional and physical pain because of hyper-pigmentation on my face which was an effect from sun damage. I tried chemical peels, obagi skin care product and now I was thinking of laser as my last resort but THANK GOD I found you.

Reviewed by Anonymous 

Just a quick note to thank you for making this amazing product available
to me and others.

Extremely satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Anonymous 

It (Parfait) really worked for me and within just 3 wks of continuous use, my skin color lightened atleast 4/5 shades (yes, my current pic shows that very much so). I had very dark brown face skin color with many discoloration and now I have very very light brown, close to fair skin color. yes, there are some small patches of darker area left, which I can see is getting evened up. Everyone who saw me after a month they couldn't believe the result. I used it at least 2 times a days 7 days a week. Now its been 5 weeks and my skin color is getting more lighter and evened up everywhere. I was very unsure about this product but so far I can recommand it to anyone who wants to get a lighter skin color. I Never wrote any review about any product and this is the first time I am writing a review since I couldn't believe the result I have got within that short period of a time. Feel free to email me ...

Reviewed by Anonymous 


I love the Skin Soho facial lightening parfait because of the amazing texture that it brings to my skin plus improved evenness of tone. But after a very short time, it makes my skin too pale and I have to stop using it. Is there anyway that I could order a custom formulation without so much skin bleaching or is there another product that you would recommend to achieve that glycolic acid smoothing. Until then I have ordered a product from a different company to achieve those results but I prefer the Soho.

Thank you.

Reviewed by Angela W,

All I have to say is that i love Ms. ANNA. I must say hats off to her; her products are amazing. GOD couldn't have blessed her with a better product than this. My life has done a 360 degrees turn around. The compliments has been an amazing and astonishing. The attention i have been getting is awesome.My skin is so beautiful and soft. The words has done exactly what it says it's going to do; whats that you say? Well it promises to clean and clear and leave you oh! LA! LA! THANK YOU MS.ANNA

Reviewed by Tabitha 

This was the first product I used with this line. I was very skeptical because nothing ever worked when it came to removing uneven skin tone, which was largely due to years of severe acne scarring. Within 1 week of using this product I began to notice changes and couldn't even believe.
Within 2-3 weeks my family was complimenting on a regular basis and wanting to know what I was using. I have since continued to use this and several other products and have never been displeased. It has truly helped with my confidence level. I now wear make-up because I want to and not because I have to. And when I don't wear it, I'm extremely confident. Thank you so much. I really do stand behind this product. It's been a blessing for me. I hope it will be a blessing for someone else.

Reviewed by A , 

This product is amazing. It cleared my skin evened out my skin tone. The spots on my chin are almost completely gone, i was not sure if this would work for me since I'm Latino.. Good stuff will buy again


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