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Myths... and misconceptions abound when it comes to caring for melanin rich, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino, African, Malaysian and other types of melanin rich skin.
Choosing to lighten the color of your skin, and to improve its texture and tone for a smoother, more even skin color, are deeply personal decisions. Some might ask:
Your Questions, Our Commitment: Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of skincare can be intricate, and we understand that you might have some questions about our products and processes.

At Fair & Flawless, we value transparency and are dedicated to ensuring you're fully informed.

Dive into our frequently asked questions to dispel any doubts and arm yourself with the knowledge to embark on your skincare journey with confidence.

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My natural skin color is quite dark. Will Fair & Flawless work for me?

Of course. For your darker skin, try the Skin Soho Collection, one of our best formulations ever. How long it takes for your skin to lighten depends on what level of color you have to begin with and what level of color you desire to achieve. Very dark skin may take a little longer, but you should still see dramatic improvement in 4 to 6 weeks.

How long does it take to see results?

F&F products are designed to work gently and safely on your skin. Some people see results in just few days. Others see it in few weeks. Most see dramatic improvement in the color, tone, and quality of their skin 1 month of continued use and you can, too.

    Can I do anything to help speed up the lightening process?

    Yes! Use F&F products every day. Try Skin Soho Body Lightening Soufflé, Soufflé with Skin Soho Ex-foliating and Lightening Soy Milk Bar. Care for your skin as we’ve outlined in our section on Caring for your skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so take care of it! Watch what you eat and drink, exercise, get plenty of sleep—and cleanse with F&F every day—for skin that’s fresh, clear, and glowing.

    How long can I safely use the F&F Collections for Skin Care?

    Use F&F forever. Remember, F&F is meant not only to gently lighten your skin, but also to slough off dead skin cells, soften rough spots, and smooth your whole body beautiful. Why would you ever stop doing that? See for yourself with Skin Soho Soholicious Body Lightening Kit , our Skin Soho Dolce Facial Lightening Kit, or our “Kiss my Fingers & Nibble my Toes” collection. You’ll see what we mean.

    What’s the difference between the F&F Collection for Skin Care and the Skin Soho Formulations?

    The F&F Signature Line is a large line that contains some of our best and longest sellers such as the F&F Facial Lightening Cream, our Super Spot Eraser, and5xf Body Lightening Gel, among other fine products. The Skin Soho Collection is a uniquely formulated series based on our trademark blend, Sepi white. This system includes seven products designed to restore your skin’s soft and supple character at a level of color you choose. Try any one of them, or better, order the entire line and let it work for you to get you the glow and color you deserve.

    Can I combine hydroquinone-based products with F&F?

    No. And if you’re using hydroquinone-based products, stop. They’re dangerous, and in many countries, banned. Try our collection. Research-driven. Customer-tried. Results-proved.

      I used hydroquinone-based products in the past. Can I still use F&F?  

      Please do! But before you begin using our products, and to ensure the results you want, safely, use Fair & Flawless Pre-Whiten Face or Body Emulsion— It’s easy to use, and will optimize your skin results. In some cases, it may take longer to achieve the effect you desire. In rare cases, where hydroquinone has caused significant skin damage, lightening effects may take a longer.

      Will your products leave unnatural pale results?

      No. Fair & Flawless will leave you with a healthy, even-toned complexion, and a glow you wouldn’t have thought possible (only you’ll know you weren't born with it).

      Are there side effects from using F&F?

      Fair & Flawless products are exhaustively tested to the highest standards to ensure their safe and effective use. You can expect no side effects if you use our system according to the package directions.

      Will I tan if I go into the sun after using F&F?

      Of course! The sun will always stimulate melanin production in your skin when you expose yourself to its harmful rays. So, slather on Skin Soho Body Lightening Soufflé with SPF 15 and keep out of the sun!

        If I use the F&F’s spot remover on dark blotches and spots, will I end up with blotches and spots that are lighter than the rest of my skin?

        No. The F&F Super Spot Eraser and Skin Soho Tapioca D-Light Spot Crème safely and gently helps dark blotches and spots fade away. You’ll look vibrant, fresh, and creamy-colored.

        Can I use F&F under my arms (in the arm pit) to lighten color there? How will using products there affect the sweat glands and deodorant use?

        Sure, Lighter body and darker under arms are simply unattractive, Apply your favorite Fair & Flawless body lightening product under your arm pit for a creamy flawless complexion everywhere.

        I have very dry skin. Will Fair & Flawless help?

        Positively! F&F products are all formulated to saturate your skin with moisture and rejuvenate your skin to leave it feeling satiny soft and smooth—never dry or tight. We’ve blended soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera with lush hydrants that will leave your skin renourished and silky to the touch, and gleaming with health. Try it out with the Body Beautiful Combination KitDolce Facial Lightening Kit, or Hands and Feet Combination Kit.

        I am trying to get pregnant. Is F&F safe for me?  

        Yes. Fair & Flawless is safe. Our ingredients are pure and natural and have been clinically tested to ensure both safety and effectiveness. Try it out with Fair & Flawless Enhanced Facial Lighten Cream

          I have problems with acne. Will F&F help?

          Yes. F&F products can improve your skin. Begin your face regimen with Skin Soho Facial Granita Cleanser to gently lift dead cells that dull skin and cause acne, follow up with Skin Soho White Tea Lightening Toner, and finish off with the Facial Lighten Parfait for skin that’s visibly improved, smooth and glowing.

          I have a scar on my face. Will F&F still work for me?

          Absolutely. Try any of our products that exfoliate the skin, but especially the Skin Soho Cocktail Serum

          • Why would you want to lighten your skin at all?
          • What about the dangers of skin lightening?
          • Who cares about discolorations, scarring, or uneven skin tone?
          Well, you do. And that’s why you’ve chosen one of the F&F Collections for your enhancing & corrective Skin Care.
          • Our products contain rich reparative ingredients.
          • Our expert blend is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and experimentation.
          You can use F&F products confident that the utmost care and expertise has gone into their formulation.
          At Fair & Flawless, we also recognize that you may not want to dramatically change your color, but only want to use products specially formulated for dark skin to improve its sheen, balance, silkiness and tone. F&F products do both. Use F&F to gently and expertly lighten your skin, but also to improve skin tone, softness and color balance, and to recapture the creamy sheen you were born with.
          Here, we answer some of the most-asked questions about our products. You might also want to read About Fair & Flawless and How Fair & Flawless Works. If you have more questions, send them to us. We’ll add your questions and our responses to your FAQs as quickly as we can. 


          What makes Fair & Flawless collections, the #1 Skin lightening products?

          • F&F is the only skin-lightening product on the market today that implements a two-pronged approach to skin care:
            • First, F&F targets melanin production
            • Second, F&F sloughs off dead cell buildup and speeds up cell rejuvenation.
            • Both conditions contribute to darkening of the skin, uneven skin tone and color and only F&F addresses both in its skin care systems.
          • F&F’s sloughing action speeds up new cell production for fast results
          • See smoother, silkier, paler skin in as little as 5 days.
          • Nearly two decades of research have gone into F&F
          • The Skin Soho Collection is an especially formulated product for superb results
          • No hydroquinone, mercury, dangerous or banned ingredients.
          • Our products are safe, so you can shop with confidence.