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Lighten with confidence: beautify the skin you're in

Beauty today begins with skin that glows with optimum health, kissed with makeup-optional radiance, and formulated to a color depth that’s just right for you.

Don’t think that could be your flawless face—Sure it can. 

Afraid to show your shoulders (or maybe a little bit more)? Let us show you how.

Today’s advanced technology merges with beauty to create more options for you than ever before—what color your hair will be, and whether it’ll be curly or straight, what color your eyes will be (at least for today) and what length you’ll pick for your lashes.

And now, what color depth and glow you’ll choose for your skin—a skin that’s free of freckles, wrinkles, scarring, roughness, dark spot discolorations, or other detractions that make your skin anything less than fair and flawless.

Lighten with confidence:

Whatever decision you make about your hair color, eye color, or skin color, you want your choices to be healthy, safe, and most of all, to create a more radiant you.

And that’s what F&F products are all about.

Buy F&F with confidence that our products will first and foremost make your skin smooth and supple, lovable (touchable), and that your color level will be a supremely even tone at the depth you desire. Over two decades of tireless research backs our claim.

Use F&F with confidence that the utmost care has been taken to ensure the safety of our products and that your skin will attain its healthiest and most even glow when our products are used according to our instructions.

None of our products contains hydroquinone, mercury, or other dangerous or banned elements. F&F has never used these ingredients (and we never will). F&F chooses only sumptuous hydrants, the rarest creams and gels, exotic preparations, natural fruit extracts and natural whitening ingredients. These ingredients have been proven to be safe and effective in lightening and brightening skin discolorations, pigmentation problems, and age spots.

Talk to F&F with confidence that our staff is chosen with special care, trained in our product collections, and dedicated to bringing you exceptional service and quality. As the industry leader in corrective skin lightening care & dark spot removal, we employ only the best staff and the most reputable skin care & product specialists who deliver the finest skin lightening product lines available in the world today.

Why F&F

Founded in 1990

F&F has been the market leader and discerning consumer choice in anti-aging skin lightening, skin brightening and skin whitening products since 1990. We have touched and transformed millions of skin tones and types all across the globe.

Why F&F? Because F&F delivers nothing but results. In more than 25+ years of delivering fair and flawless skin to our fans, F&F has had more than 99% satisfaction ratings* (so who else are you going to choose to smooch your smoochables?)