4 Steps To Your Beautiful Body

Skin Soho™ White Tea Lightening Gelée

Women from the Far East are notorious for their flawless, glowing and fair complexions. So are the fabulous celebrities of Hollywood. Jealous? Don’t be! Get Skin Soho’s White Tea Lightening Gelée for the same creamy complexions of your fashionista sisters in the East and the glowing celebrities in Hollywood. Relax your mind and condition your skin with nourishing aloe vera, rosehip extract, rosemary, jasmine, mulberry extract and powerful sepiwhite. Your skin will be totally flawless to the eyes and incredibly soft to the touch. Perfect for all over body use, and easy to control.. Use a little or a lot for the ultimate in skin lightening luxury.     

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Step - 3. Hydrate

Skin Soho ™ Body Lightening Soufflé

Skin Soho Body Lightening Soufflé is THE ultimate in lightening and cleansing skin care. Luxurious and easy to use, this is a must have for any woman in the know who wants to look her best. From the moment you open the jar, our Soufflé offers nothing less than pure luxury and fabulous lightening to create the look you desire. Safe and highly effective, our Body Lightening Soufflé gives you the level of lightening you desire. Researched and tested by professionals for years, we bring you the technology to create the level of skin lightening you prefer. A glowing, creamy complexion starts with you. Want a more moisturized, smooth and fair complexion? Control your body color and express your inner goddess for the beauty you know you deserve.  

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Fair & Flawless™ Body Lightening Cream

One of our best selling products, this cream penetrates deeply into your skin. Sepiwhite*, a unique F&F skin-lightening formulation, pure plant Arbutin and Kojic Acid to lighten your complexion while the action of purified sea water and soy milk dramatically smoothes and softens to produce the sheen and glow your skin deserves.   

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Skin Soho™ Colada White Hand & Body Milk

Ready for intense lightening? When just a little won’t do, our super luxurious Colada Lightening Lotion is here! The perfect blend of relaxing colada essence combined with advance lightening properties, our lotion will give you the all-over creamy complexion you crave. You deserve the ultimate in lightening skin care!

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Combine and Save

Soholicious Body Lightening Kit

The ultimate skin lightening system is here! If it’s beautiful, clean skin you crave, then this is the kit for you. Our special lightening kit offers every level of skin care and lightening you’ll ever need from cleansing and exfoliating to toning and smoothing. This kit includes seven ounces of our Ex-foliating Soymilk Bar, four ounces of our White Tea Lightening Gelée, 8 ounces of our Colada White Hand and Body Milk and 8 ounces of our Body Lightening Souffle to get you from mediocre to "Soholicious" in four easy steps. Order yours now and pair it up with the Dolce Facial Lightening Kit for the skin you want, and know you deserve. FREE SHIPPING THROUGHOUT THE 48 CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.     

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