Skin Soho™ Cocktail Serum



Skin Whiten & anti-aging and Wellness Cocktail Serum details

Still plagued by uneven skin tone caused by a burn? How about that scar above your eyebrow that’s still a little discolored? Continue to be haunted by pre-pubescent acne scars? Think you just have grin and bear it? Not anymore. Skin Soho’s Cocktail Serum is here to help you say goodbye to unsightly and uneven skin tones. Safe and effective to help with all-over scar appearance, corrective lightening and evening, the Cocktail Serum can be used over face, neck and on the entire body.

How to work it

After cleansing & toning skin, apply several drops to skin of face & neck - use twice daily. If peeling occur, use every other day.

Skin effects

Lightens, brightens and rids the complexion of uneven patch skin tones. Excellent for scar reduction and removal. Penetrates deep into skin's deepest layers. Reduces melanosome activity and tyrosinase activation.

Skin Soho™ Cocktail Serum Ingredients

Vitamin C,A,B & E, aloe vera extract, Sepiwhite Msh (undecylenoyl phenylalinne), exclusive amino acids, aspartic acid,  glycolic acid, lactic acid, white tea extract, Natural Fragrance

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