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Melanin Rich Skin Tones

Human skin tone comes in a variety of lovely hues. What hue are you? Does your current skin tone say everything about who you truly are?

With Fair & Flawless skin lightening products, you can now choose to either blend and even-out blotchy uneven skin discoloration or alter and reduce your melanin.

Most people don’t have naturally pearly white teeth either; someone designed them. In fact, Caucasians has far less melanin production in their skin, by sun-bathing or tanning they add more rich darker hues to their skin. Now it is also possible to reduce the depth of darker melanin into fairer lighter hues with Fair & Flawless. 

What skin tone would you like to be?  Check out our skin care chart.

With Fair & Flawless products, you can achieve the skin tone you’ve always wanted.  Your results will depend on your skin type, skin condition, life style, diet and how well you follow the directions. There are six standard Fitzpatrick skin types, named for the doctor who first classified them. The more natural melanin your skin produces, the higher your skin type classification (e.g. Type 6 has roughly twice the melanin of Type 1).

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What is your current skin tone? What skin tone do you want? Find both on this Fitzpatrick skin care chart and then start shopping for Fair & Flawless products that will help you achieve your dream complexion color.