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Powerful Body Whitening Milk
Powerful Body Whitening Milk

Powerful Body Whitening Milk

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Vanilla Gold deep Hydration & beautifying Body Milk.

Sound like a mouthful?

That’s because of the real ingredients we use to formulate this undeniably unforgettable skin treat. We used real Organic extracts of rich shea butter, Sepiwhite MSH, Glutathione, Vitamin E, Golden vanilla bean, Salicylic & lactic acid plus lots of other skin healing organic loveliness.

Golden Vanilla Beans from Madagascar leave no room for anything else but lots of skin touching, smooching & cuddling—So go ahead and drizzle, swirl, slather or heap a luscious handful of this delightful creaminess and smooth aromatic golden goodness all over your favorite body parts! Glide all over, including those inner soft spots, keep everything, everywhere soft, even-toned, creamy with a delicate brighter golden glow.


Powerful Skin Whitening Milk