Skin Soho™ White Tea Lightening Toner


White Tea Lightening Toner details

Refresh yourself with our light and gentle White Tea Lightening Toner. Our skin lightening toner is a perfect way to start and end your day , It’s also a luxurious way to freshen up after the gym (after all, your skin needs to be toned just as much as your body!) Alcohol-free and guaranteed not to cause irritation, our skin lightening toner leaves your complexion looking fresh, bright and supple. Easily works with all of our other Skin Soho™ products to freshen and revitalize your complexion.

How to work it

Squirt skin lightening toner onto a cotton ball without over saturating, apply over face and neck..

Skin effects

Our skin lightening toner removes oily buildup and residue. Relaxes and soothes dry, tired skin. Refreshes and refines. Prepares skin for application of other lightening products.

White Tea Lightening Toner Ingredients

Vitamin C, A,B&E, aloe vera extract, exclusive amino acids, aspartic acid, undecylenoyl phenylalnie, glycolic, lactic acid, white tea extract, methylparaben, propylparaben

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