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Skin Soho® Tone Refining Soufflé

Skin Soho® Tone Refining Soufflé

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Skin Soho Body Souffle


Our gentlest body brightener is rich with skin-loving herbal extracts and emollients

Light and airy, with mousse-like texture that almost magically absorbs into your skin. You’ll feel skin relax immediately into the deep, healing moisture of aloe and shea butter, while extracts of rose hip and chamomile nourish and protect. Just a dab of our special brightening agents address post-chemotherapy hyperpigmentation, blotches or spots, to give you a glowing, even tone with regular use.

A side effect of continued use is overall skin brightening  or even skin lightening of your natural skin tone, as the active ingredients that erase spots and blotches will gently minimize overall melanin production as well. Many clients prefer this, and it is perfectly safe to use Fair & Flawless products as long as you desire.

To use: Put a generous dab in the palm of your hand and apply in long strokes over your body.


Purified Sea Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Symphytum Leaf Extract, Citric Grandis Seed Extract, Undecylenoyl Phenylainne (SEPIWHITE MSH), Vitamin A, E, Lactic Acid, Gylcolic Acid, Mulberry Extract, Shea Butter, Rosehip Extract, Citric Acid, Fragrance.


Reviewed by Jasmine L
This product looked so creamy when I opened it, I think I almost began to eat it. LOL!! The Souffle did lighten up my skin without any dryness so I was please with the results.
Reviewed by TIMALA 
This product makes yor skin soft but no skin lightening effects I got the 8 ounce and nobody order the 8 ounce if u want two jars, because I thought the had an 8 ounce jar nd a 4 ounce but they send u two in the mail. Maybe ill just use fair and flawless next time. was not really really impresseed with this product.
Reviewed by Angela 
I was first skeptical about all of your products, but when i first tried it; I was amazed and applaud every product that I have been using. I especially love the souffle, it is the bomb; it's awesome and spectacular. With words I can hardly describe it.