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Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel
Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel
Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel
Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel
Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel

Prero Activ® Clinical BluPeel

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The Prerogativ Whole Body BluPeel is a quick, relatively simple, at-home product designed to deeply peel and exfoliate top layers of old damaged hyper-pigmented layers of dead skin cells.

 QuickPeel can help to improve both the appearance & health of your skin—works well to help exfoliate thick layers of damaged or aged skin from entire body.

The Prerogativ Whole Body BluPeel represents a significant breakthrough in at-home skin peeling and full body peeling rejuvenation, it enables you to administer your treatment in a highly customized manner, in the privacy of your home, without having to shamefully expose your skin insecurities to others. The results will greatly rival that of medical professional in-office treatment.

This cosmetic at-home treatment is perfect for darker complexions, Prerogativ Full Body BluPeel is formulated specifically for more melanin rich skin types, works amazing for all skin types 

As long as you carefully follow all pre-procedure and aftercare instructions, you should be revealing fair, flawless, smooth even whiter skin in no time

The long lasting corrective effects of an Prerogativ Full Body  BluPeel are permanent but, unfortunately, cannot stop time. Therefore, after your first peel you will require a bi-yearly Prerogativ Full Body Blue Peel to maintain your desired level of rejuvenation. If you follow your Fair & Flawless prescribed skincare regimen, and wish to maintain 3-4 shades of consistently lighter skin  a maintenance treatment every 3-6 months will be required to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

You will need 3-4 jars to peel the entire body

 QuickPeel Cream, Prerogative BluPeel:


1. A preliminary patch test is highly recommended.Test on. Conspicuous small part of the skin, such as,  your forearm Apply a small amount of the prerogativ Blupeel, Get a latex glove and gently rub on a small part of your skin.  Please do this for 2 consecutive nights and if there is no irritation, please proceed to the next step.

2. Thoroughly cleanse your skin ( entire body, from neck down) with Skin Soho Carrera White whitening bar soap.

3. Thoroughly dry your skin, On your dry and clean skin, apply  the prerogative Blue Peel evenly 3 Times daily on the targeted dark spot to peel or to your entire body with a latex gloves. Prerogativ Blue Peel can be layer-applied 3 layers with a 15 minute interval. 

Please do not rub your skin. Apply Prerogativ BluPeel for  2 to 3 consecutive days only. This means you will put it 2 Times per Application, 2 Applications per day, for 2-3 Consecutive Days. 

4. Avoid showering overnight when using this treatment until the next day. ( shower in the mornings)
5. If there is itching, apply another layer of Prerogativ blue Peel Then apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream and the itching will dissipate.

6. Strong Body Peeling may start on the 7th or 10th day.  Do not force peel  your skin, discontinue Prerogativ Blue Peel on areas that are beginning to show signs peeling and continue the application on more resistant areas such as elbows, knees, dark knuckles etc. you may consider using a pair of latex gloves overnight on your hands to help expedite the the dark knuckle peeling process.

7. Always use skin whitening soap when showering consider wearing long sleeve clothing, socks and sweat pants when at home and dress casually when going out until your entire body peels off.

8. avoid sun exposure when using this treatment.  After the peeling process is completed, immediately start using your Fair & Flawless skin lightening/ whitening creams & lotions. Start applying the Fair & Flawless Hand & Knuckle Whitener to your hand and knuckles to ensure you maintain and preserve your results.

9. Consider our Fair & Flawless Sun Damage Prevention Emulsion or any sunscreen of your preference with SPF50 or higher, use for both hands & body.