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SKIN SOHO Parfait Booster Serum

SKIN SOHO Parfait Booster Serum

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Plant-Based Skin Whitening Parfait Booster Serum

Skin Soho® Cocktail Parfait Booster Serum will help you say goodbye to unsightly and uneven skin-tone. Safe and effective to help with all-over scar reduction, Plant-based corrective skin tone evening.  Skin Soho lightening Parfait Booster Serum can be used for face, neck over the  entire body.

How to work it

Apply 4/5 drops AM/PM to clean skin.If peeling occur, use every other day.

Skin effects

Lightens, brightens and rid the skin of uneven discoloration. Excellent deep penetrating skin brightener reduce melanosome activity and tyrosinase activation.