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Fair & Flawless™Concentrated Radiance Restore Elixer

Fair & Flawless™Concentrated Radiance Restore Elixer

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Skin Whitening concentrated body Elixer

The Ultimate Caviar Enriched Skin Whitening Fluid -  119ml/4.2 Fl. oz
  • A pleasant, comfortable fluid with Caviar Extract, Sepiwhite Msh, Kojic Acid & Exotic Argan Oil to nourish and condition your skin.
  • Visibly reduces size & intensity of dark spots

Skin Whitening Elixer Fast Results

The Ultimate Caviar Enriched Skin Whitening Elixer -  119ml/4.2 Fl. oz

This luxurious gently yet concentrated skin lightening booster elixir delivers highly concentrated active skin repairing and whitening ingredients deep into the skin to restore quality, tone and texture while promoting optimal skin function. A brilliant union of Caviar Extract, Mulberry Extract, Kojic Acid and exotic Argan Oil  infuses skin with valuable minerals, vitamins, proteins and other vital nutrients. The skin lightening booster fluid speeds up cell regeneration and accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis. Skin hydration, elasticity and density are considerably increased for a more radiant and youthful appearance.Contain an all natural blend of organic extracts to help moisturize, recondition, revitalize, soothe and calm inflammation on dry irritated skin and help maximize skin whitening results.

Brightening/Lightening/Whitening Booster Fluid

Renew skin's radiance with a breakthrough formula booster body whitening serum to help even skin tone as it brightens and nurtures the complexion.

How to work it

After showering/exfoliation, apply the skin whitening booster fluid over the entire body. Focusing on areas of uneven tone and hyperpigmentation. Wait a minute or two then continue to apply your daily skin whitening treatment. Use twice daily until full results are achieived.

When used with our White Tea Lightening Gelee, Fair & Flawless pH 5.5 Xf Skin Whitening Gel or Colada Hand & Body Milk, our Skin Soho™ Body Whitening Booster Fluid will help to  boost and allow your skin whitening product to quickly penetrate and effectively whiten your skin.

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