How It Works

Fair & Flawless Natural Skin Whitening System - a breakthrough in skin care, correction, and maintenance

  • Does your skin look dull and discolored?
  • Is it rough to the touch?
  • Full of blotches and splotches and not very kiss-a-licious?
  • Just not the creamy color and luscious tone you know you were born with?

Recapture your skin's inner glow and even sheen with the Fair & Flawless Natural Skin Whitening System. Choose the depth of color that's right for you to make your skin touchably soft and kissably delicious. Keep using Fair & Flawless every day to ensure your skin stays smooth and creamy forever.

Uniquely formulated, the Fair & Flawless Natural Skin Whitening System works faster and to more depth than any product currently on the market. In as little as five (5 - we said it) days, your skin will appear more supple, silkier, lighter and more even in tone and color. We're sure of it.

How does Fair & Flawless work?
Your skin is made up of several different layers. Each layer contains pigment, called melanin. Each layer of your skin, then, also adds to the color and tone that make up your particular color. When you see a freckle, discoloration, or if your skin just seems darker and duller than it once was, here are some things that might be happening:

  • Your skin may have built up dead cells that make it appear darker, rough, and dry.
  • You're getting older (sigh) and your cells don't replace themselves as quickly as they used to - this can give you dark blotches and spots. Worse, because you've got these dead, dull skin cells built up, your skin can't reflect light well. It's the ability to reflect light that gives beautiful skin its radiance - and so your face, even your whole body - no longer glows like it once did (and still could).
  • Exposure to the sun makes the problem worse - so put on your sunscreen (try Fair & Flawless Suncreen SPF 30).
  • The environment also affects your skin's condition. Fair & Flawless protects your skin from its damaging effects.
  • As your hormones fluctuate each month, your skin responds - sometimes badly. Fair & Flawless works to minimize the impact of hormonal influences on your face and skin.

Fair & Flawless developed safe combinations to lighten your skin

So, Fair & Flawless put together some powerful ingredients - all safe - to target the combined problem of melanin production and dark cell build up. When you read on our product labels that we have "Kojic Acid and I-Absorbic Acid" in our spot remover, or that our body and face whiteners are chockablock with "Arbutin and SepiWhite", you can be confident that decades of work and research have come together to give you the most powerful, safe, and effective combination of ingredients. They'll make your skin the color you desire, give it the softness you deserve, and help you put forward the face that says who you really are.

Fair & Flawless sloughs off old skin and speeds up new cell production

Fair & Flawless products also contain specialized products to enhance new cell production and slough off old dead cells. These products rejuvenate your face and skin with life-giving vitamins, the gentlest exfoliants, and creamiest creams. They reduce fine lines, get rid of dead cells and help your skin return to its youthful glow and softest touch. So, go ahead, choose it. Fair & Flawless. You're worth it.

Supple. Touchable. (Smoochable). Your body. Beautiful. by Fair & Flawless.