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POWERFUL® Dark Knuckle Corrector
POWERFUL® Dark Knuckle Corrector

POWERFUL® Dark Knuckle Corrector

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Dark Knuckle Eraser


Supports hand & knuckle health, full-proof hand & knuckle brightener, lightens dark knuckle pigmentation,anti-inflammatory, moisture retainer.

 Hands Feel?

Hydrated. Nourished, Supple, Buttery-Soft.

 Use For?

Topical symptomatic relief correction of dehydrated hyper-pigmented hand conditions: Severe dark knuckles, damaged hands, Hyperkeratosis, Eczema, General & longterm hand brightening, Hand lightening, dull discolored hand correction. Apply 2-3 times daily or as needed or flawless beautiful hands.

 paraffin, silicone and sulphate free

 Net wt; 1oz/30ml

A lot of hand shakes happen over the course of your life! Are you hand & knuckle confident?”