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Balance & Heal

  • Natural, bioavailable vitamin C
  • Rejuvenate & brighten your skin tone.
  • Fight acne and prevent breakouts.
  • Achieve stronger & firmer skin.
  • Heal imperfections & balance your skin.

Plant-Based Skin Whitening Parfait Booster Serum

Glow & Hydrate

  • Even skin tone & prevent inflammation
  • Bring out your natural beautiful glow
  • Replenish moisture to cool your skin
  • Loaded with antioxidant boosters to promote skin healing

Skin Soho® Cocktail Parfait Booster Serum

Say goodbye to unsightly and uneven skin-tone. Safe and effective to help with all-over face and body scar reduction, Plant-based corrective skin tone evener. Skin Soho lightening Parfait Booster Serum should be used on the face, neck , hands, feet or over the entire body.

How to work it

Apply 4/5 drops AM/PM to clean skin.If peeling occur, use every other day.

Skin effects

Comforts, Heals, repairs, Lightens, brightens and rid the skin of uneven discoloration. Excellent deep penetrating skin brightener reduce over active melanosome activity and tyrosinase activation.

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