Why Skin Whitening is Every Bride’s Must-Have This Summer

Having a daytime wedding means the focus will be on natural lighting, so you want to be radiant and beautiful without any guilty secrets like dull skin crashing your big day. While you’re getting your hair and makeup expertly done, don’t forget about skin whitening products that will invigorate your complexion and make it look effortlessly luminous

Catch the Light   

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly makes skin glow, the truth is that it’s all about how your face reflects the light. How do you get your skin to reflect more rays, you ask? Exfoliation! This makes skin smooth so it catches and reflects light much easier.

 Using natural scrubs is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells and create a silky smooth skin surface so your skin boosts its reflective power, but you can sneak in exfoliation benefits by choosing skin whitening products that contain ingredients to polish your skin. Try Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser that will buff away dead skin cells with small grains of granita so that your skin is vibrant, the perfect canvas for bridal makeup.

 Squeeze in the Vitamin C

This essential skin vitamin might sometimes not make as much fuss as Vitamin E when it comes to skincare, but it is vital in your skincare regime because of its rejuvenating effect. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production so that your skin is youthful, while also eliminating the sun’s harmful effects, such as dark spots that crop up after UV exposure. 

Vitamin C does offer benefits to the skin when it is consumed (so keep adding those berries to your cereal!), but it is even more beneficial when applied topically to your skin, such as in skin whitening creams. Try Enhance Sepiwhite Suntan Reducing Cream that brings back your skin’s divine radiance so that you glow with a clearer complexion.

Achieve Botanical Bliss

Oils are becoming hot property in beauty and skincare, and that’s because they’re naturally nourishing. This makes them a wonderful alternative to regular body lotions and they should be used on your face and body for overall radiance. One of the best skin-smoothing oils is coconut oil. Its blend of fatty acids helps to make your skin glow, without leaving you with a greasy residue.

Botanical oils, such as jojoba oil, also are very similar to our skin’s natural oils so these are great at offering the skin a natural yet soothing elixir. Jojoba oil works to balance the skin’s own oil, leaving it beautifully moisturized without clogging your pores. Find jojoba oil in Luxury Radiance Restorative Sepiwhite Elixir that contains a luxurious concoction of herbal oils while removing stretch marks, age spots, and dark patches. 

Apply Thirst-Quenchers to Your Skin

One of the most important parts of getting your skin ready for your big day is to maintain its hydration. That means: drink lots of water, even if it’s cold out or you don’t feel thirsty. Quenching your skin throughout the day from the inside helps to flush out toxins that can lead to bacteria and cause pimples, while restoring your skin’s suppleness. Water keeps the skin plump, making fine lines and pores less pronounced

While you’re carrying water bottles with you, make sure you also hydrate your skin topically so that you maintain its suppleness throughout the day. This will help it to stay bright and beautiful. One of the best ingredients to quench your skin on the outside is honey. Honey is a natural humectant, attracting water from the air so that your skin locks in that hydration it needs to look fabulous. You can find honey in quality skin whitening creams such as Pre-Whiten Sepiwhite Body Penetrate. It gently prepares your skin for the whitening process while pampering it with tender loving care. 

Skin that glows on your big day is a must to complete your beautiful look. You can achieve radiance with skin whitening creams that replenish and brighten up your skin so you look gorgeous throughout your daytime wedding.


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