What the Best Product for Melasma Should Do For Your Skin

If you’re dealing with melasma, which is pigmentation on your face that leaves you with a blotchy, uneven tone, you’ll know how stressful it can be. Sometimes advice you hear from people or get on the internet doesn’t help to alleviate the symptoms. You want something that’s natural, good for your skin and will make it clear and gorgeous again. Read on to discover what the best product for melasma looks like and why it should be in your bathroom cabinet. 

Slough Down   

Exfoliation can be really good for treating melasma because it helps to clear away old skin that accumulates on the surface of your face and contains dirt and pigmentation. Also, it’s just a great way to keep your skin glowing with freshness. But you should avoid any exfoliation that is too harsh as this can irritate. Give that microdermabrasion session a miss and rather focus on gentle exfoliating ingredients, such as oats or sugar, that you can find in natural skin brightening lotions.

Use Natural Sun Blockers 

When eliminating melasma, you need to keep your skin protected from the sun. This cannot be stated enough: those harsh UV rays can accelerate pigment production in the skin, so you want to block them out with a good sunscreen. However, sneak in some extra sun protection by looking for natural sun-evaders. 

  • Shea butter contains antioxidants to nourish your skin but also cinnamic acid which protects against the rays. 
  • Another natural ingredient that offers UV protection and sunburn relief is lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, papaya and grapefruit. These all block out the UV light while boosting your skin with antioxidants.

Bust the Breakouts 

Did you know that skin irritation can lead to melasma? Acne breakouts are an example because they leave marks and discoloration behind. If you’re prone to pimples, you should choose a skin lightening formulation that clears them while also preventing acne scars. 

One of the most effective natural anti-acne ingredients is sage extract. It helps to ease redness and irritation so that inflammation is prevented.

Another ingredient to look out for is good old aloe vera. It is antibacterial, helping to prevent redness and inflammation. But it also prevents and decreases acne scarring, thanks to its anthraquinone content which stimulates the skin's cell growth so your skin can regenerate itself. 

Keep Calm with Gentle Skincare 

When faced with a skin issue such as melasma, your first line of defence might be to attack it with lots of strong and effective treatments or products. This doesn’t mean you have to be rough with your skin, though. Less really is more as doing too much can have the opposite effect and exacerbate your problem. You want to choose natural skincare ingredients that are gentle yet effective on your skin. Avoiding chemical ingredients that can irritate, sting or burn should be one of the most important rules you follow when treating your melasma and generally looking after your skin on a daily basis.

 So, whether you're choosing a skin moisturizer or skin whitening product, make sure it's focused on natural ingredients that will gently heal your skin while keeping it healthy.

 Making good changes to your skincare routine to beat melasma not only helps you achieve a clearer complexion, but it also makes your skin radiant and healthy. Keep up with the tips even once your melasma has hit the road so you'll prevent it from trying to rain on your gorgeous skin parade again.



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