This Skincare Routine Will Brighten Your Natural Glow

If your skin is dull, no amount of makeup you wear will make it look radiant and healthy. You need to take care of your skin and use the right skin-brightening products to maintain a glowing complexion. But where to start and what products to use? Follow this easy routine.

Step One: Clean Up

It's essential to cleanse your skin twice a day to eliminate impurities, but your cleanser should contain exfoliating properties to get rid of dead skin cells. These form a layer on the surface of your skin, preventing products from getting absorbed and blocking the light so it can’t be reflected off your skin.

Skin Soho Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser cleans your skin while its minute grains of granita exfoliate so that your skin is left fresh and renewed. After cleansing, lock in your skin's moisture and smoothness with a serum.

Step Two: Apply a Serum

Serums have become essential skincare products because they're light on your skin while being packed with nourishing ingredients to strengthen your skin and make it look years younger. After cleansing and exfoliating, you should always apply a serum because your skin's dry surface layer is removed and skin is therefore ready to absorb the hydrating ingredients of a serum.

Skin Soho Cocktail Serum Facial Lighten is a corrective skincare product that eliminates a variety of pigmentation, such as acne scars and sun damage. It's also great to use if you have oily skin as it doesn't contain oil, making it a nourishing choice for all skin types and preventing breakouts.

Step Three: Don't Skip The Moisturizer!

You might think you don't need to use moisturizer if you've applied a serum, but you should use both. While serums help to strengthen your skin, moisturizers protect the skin's surface layer so that it remains soft and hydrated.

After applying a serum, use a moisturizer such as Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait that is a luxuriously hydrating cream. It treats your skin with TLC to leave it feeling silky smooth while also treating any spots or pigmentation that can make your skin look dull and old.

Step Four: Treat Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is much more delicate than skin on the rest of your face. It shows signs of ageing, such as dark circles and wrinkles, much sooner. If you don't treat the skin under your eyes with care but pamper the rest of your face with skin-brightening products, the result is jarring. You need an even tone all over if you want to look your most radiant.

Show your eyes some love with Sepiwhite Clarity Under Eye Peptide Gel that gently soothes and moisturizes the fragile skin under your eyes, leaving it bright and youthful so that it matches the rest of your face. Gels are great because they are quickly absorbed by the skin, preventing any greasiness.

Step Five: Achieve A Bright Pout

The last step in your skincare routine should be to brighten up your lips and leave them beautifully moisturized to prevent dryness. Try Brighter Pout Lip Balm that hydrates your lips with natural oils. These also lighten your lip color and plump them up, which is important as lips become thinner as you age. The result is a more defined, gorgeous pout that completes your radiance.

Having a brighter, more youthful complexion is really simple to achieve once you use the right skin-brightening products. Products that target your skin, eyes, and lips help you to reveal an evenly-toned and luminous face to the world, every day.

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