The Face Lightening Cream That Will Improve Your Skin

When you look in the mirror, do you see dark spots on your skin? Whether they are age spots or the result of melasma, those dark spots may be making you feel self-conscious. Despite your efforts to conceal them with makeup or lighten them with home remedies, you may not be achieving the results you desire.

If you are suffering from hyper-pigmentation, whatever the cause may be, your quest to minimize the appearance of those dark spots is over, thanks to the Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic from Fendel Skincare.

How it Works

In order for a skin lightening product to yield results, it has to contain high-quality ingredients that really work to lighten dark spots. There are many products out there that claim they are made of high-quality ingredients, but in actuality, they are made up of harsh chemicals that have the potential to damage the skin.

The Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic from Fendel Skincare is different from other products on the market. It provides real results while actually improving the health of the skin. The key ingredients in this tonic include:

  • Menthol, which stimulates blood flow and circulation
  • Burdock and aloe that work together to sooth and moisturize the skin
  • Sepi-White MSH, which removes the top layer of the hyper-pigmented skin, thus minimizing dark spots, and also prevents the production of new melanin

How to Use

Using the Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic is so easy. Apply 2 to 3 drops of the tonic onto a cotton ball and dab them on your face, neck, chest or anywhere else you see dark spots twice a day. For best results, wash your skin with the Advanced Pigmentation Reduce Cleanser prior to application of the tonic and apply the Enhanced Facial Lightening Cream after the application of the tonic, both from Fendel Skincare.

By following this regiment, you will be start to notice results after just a few applications. Not only will the dark spots become less visible, but you will have a more even skin tone, and your skin will be brighter, fresher and more supple.

The Importance of Using a High-Quality Skin Lightening Product

As previously mentioned, some skin lightening products claim that they will minimize the appearance of dark spots and improve the overall appearance of the skin; however, many products that are on the market contain harsh chemicals that do little to lighten dark spots and can actually cause more damage to the skin.

For these reasons, it’s so important to check the ingredients in a skin lightening product before using it. Make sure that the ingredients are derived from natural sources and won’t further damage the skin. If necessary, consult with your dermatologist before using any skincare product.

Avoiding Skin Darkening

While the Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic and other products from Fendel Skincare are specially formulate to reduce the appearance of dark spots, the best way to treat skin discoloration is to prevent it.

Always apply and reapply sunscreen before going outside. If possible, wear long sleeves, long pants and a hat to shade the skin.  Ask about any medications or other products that you ingest orally to find out if they have been found to cause skin discoloration.

While prevention is the most effective way to avoid the appearance of dark spots on the skin, the Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic and several other products from Fendel Skincare can help to minimize any dark spots that do appear.

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