The Difference Between Dangerous and Safe Skin Lightening Products

Skin lightening products have caused quite a controversy in recent years, largely due to the fact that with the wrong ingredients, these products can be dangerous. But there's a huge difference between unsafe and safe products and knowing this is what will ensure you only put the very best products on your skin.

Skin Lightening Ingredients To Avoid

There are dangerous ingredients that you really want to avoid because of how they can damage your skin and health. Even though some of these ingredients might be regarded as effective when lightening your skin, they're just not worth the risks.

  • Hydroquinone. Although this chemical is found in many skin lightening products, it is actually a derivative of benzene. Hydroquinone has been banned in many countries because of its dangers. These dangers include ochronosis, a yellowish discoloration of tissue, and cancer. Some rare side effects include difficulty breathing, hives, facial swelling and extreme burning sensations.
  • Steroids. These are often found in skin lightening products as well as products to treat various skin conditions, such as eczema. But steroids can cause side effects such as burning and stinging (which is commonly reported), as well as more serious ones, such as changes in skin tone and thinning of the skin.
  • Mercury. This is another ingredient that has been banned in many countries because it is highly dangerous. It inhibits enzymes in the body that produces melanin, but mercury accumulates in various places of the body, such as hair and nails, and can lead to mercury poisoning. Mercury is dangerous to the body in many ways, such as by damaging the neurological system. Scarily, mercury that's used by one person can infect those around him or her, elevating the mercury levels in their blood even if they've never touched products containing it.

Choosing the Healthier Option

It's scary to think that people are putting chemicals onto their skins where they get absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a variety of health conditions. Sometimes, people use such products because they fear there's no other way to achieve brighter skin that's free of pigmentation.

But there is. Natural, safe skin lightening products are so much better for your skin because they don't have side effects and they don't risk your health.

  • Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser is filled with natural lightening ingredients, such as Vitamin C and mulberry extracts so you can achieve skin free of pigmentation without damaging it. Vitamin C is an antioxidant your skin needs to be clear of discoloration while it also keeps skin youthful by boosting its collagen. The product is free of extra moisturizing ingredients that can clog pores, making it safe for acne-prone skin.
  • Advanced Pigmentation Reducing Tonic contains aloe, a lightening ingredient that also soothes inflamed skin. The addition of lactic acid to exfoliate skin is a great and natural way to eliminate dead skin and pigment. Unlike with a chemical peel, there are no side effects.
  • Skin Soho Body Lightening Souffle is a luxurious cream that keeps skin beautifully smooth while erasing pigmentation with its naturally-based lightening ingredients, such as aloe and Vitamin C. It also contains Vitamin A, a nutrient that helps damaged skin cells repair themselves. Vitamin A boosts skin cell turnover, so dead, pigmented skin cells can be replaced by fresher, healthier ones.

There are many options available to you if you're looking for safe, effective skin lightening products. And you should take them instead of the chemical products that are out there because your skin is priceless! Show it love and it will repay you by looking healthy and gorgeous.

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