The Best Skin Lighteners to Try For Fall

Fall is the time when your skin needs lots of TLC after the damaging effects of summer. It’s also the season in which it should replenish itself in preparation for a harsh winter. With the proper skin lightening treatments, you can achieve both - and more.

Gone are the days when people merely lightened their skin because they wanted to change its color. Skin lighteners have become popular because they do so much more. They can target dark spots, discoloration, uneven skin tones so your skin can look luminous and healthy. The key to achieving all these things without putting your skin at risk from the harsh chemicals found in many skin-lightening products is to choose natural, botanical skin lighteners that are nourishing at heart.

Prevent The Elements From Damaging Your Skin

During fall and winter, the temperatures drop and the air is cold and dry. This can make your skin look redder than usual or dry it out so that it looks dull. You need to add a skin lightening cream to your daily skincare routine that will soothe skin inflammation. You should also give your skin nourishment so that it will look smooth and radiant.

Try a hydrating, luxurious cream for your face such as the Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait  that contains chamomile and aloe to soothe skin irritation, as well as gentle skin lighteners and moisturizers to leave skin velvety smooth and evenly-toned.

Target Sun Damage

If you have a tan, then your skin is sun damaged. Period. The sun's UV rays accelerate the skin's production of melanin, which is what causes your skin to darken. But getting too much sun exposure and tanning has negative effects for your skin, such as making your skin drier, wrinkled and of course putting you at risk of skin cancer. And scarily, research shows the negative effects of sun exposure continue long after you’ve stepped out of the sun!

To get rid of your tan fast while encouraging healthier, more gorgeous skin to be on show, you should try a product such as Enhanced Sepiwhite Suntan Reducing Cream to gently lighten your skin and make it bright. It's also great if you have sun damage that's showing up in other forms, such as age spots, because this skin lightener is enriched with natural brightening ingredients, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A and almond oil.

Eliminate Skin Discoloration

Sometimes your skin spots or discoloration are more severe. Most cases of pigmentation are from the sun, so now's the time to get rid of them! Start a skincare regime that's gentle--don't just start using products that are very strong as this doesn’t give your skin a chance to open up to the lightening process.

Start with a regular strength skin lightener, such as the Facial Lightening Cream that can be used twice a day. It’s filled with natural moisturizers that won’t dry out your skin as is the case with chemical skin lightening products. If you still have stubborn pigmentation after using this for a while, you can upgrade to the maximum strength version of the cream: Sepiwhite Face Whitening Cream: Maximum Strength. It’s got stronger whitening agents but also healing natural ingredients, such as shea butter and orchid extract to balance and pamper your skin.

Get Into A Healthy Exfoliating Habit

After a harsh summer, your skin is dry and starts to look dull. You need to get rid of the surface layer of dead skin cells so that your fresh, healthy skin can be on display. But you don’t have to settle for simple exfoliating scrubs. Combine a great scrub with a skin-lightening product, such as the Original Sepiwhite Lightening Bar. This exfoliates your skin while giving it a good clean. Infused with skin lightening agents, it also lightens your skin. It's such a great product because you can simply use it as your soap in the shower!

Having healthy, glowing skin during fall comes down to eliminating damage sustained to the skin during summer as well as encouraging a vibrant complexion. Try the products above to get gorgeous, healthy skin that's the most radiant it's ever been.

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