Remove Your Sun Tan in Five Quick and Easy Steps

Suntans might look gorgeous but they're more high maintenance than a demanding boyfriend. Often they leave you with other problems, such as dry skin or redness. Luckily, there are ways to banish that bad tan for good in favor of more gorgeous, glowing skin. Here are five quick steps to get rid of it - fast!

Step One: Juice Your Skin

Home remedies can be helpful to fade out a tan. Try some lemon juice, but don't use lemon juice on its own because its acidic content can burn your skin and you don’t want that. Mix it with some honey and then apply it to your skin. Sit with it for about 20 minutes before washing it off.

Another juice that's beneficial for fading a tan is tomato juice. It is packed with antioxidants and acids that lighten the skin naturally. Apply the tomato juice to your skin with a cotton ball and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Step Two: Get Scrubbing

Exfoliation is a girl's best friend. By scrubbing your skin, you remove the surface layer of dead skin and melanin which has caused a darker skin tone. Make sure you exfoliate daily in the shower until your tan fades, with products that polish your skin. Avoid any product that feels smooth as these won't give your skin the deep-cleansing scrub that you need to decrease your tan as quickly as possible. Make your own exfoliating scrub with brown sugar and a bit of olive oil. Couldn’t be easier! Or, try a skin-polishing product like Skin Soho Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser that cleans and exfoliates, giving you smoother and brighter skin.  

Step Three: Get Your Hands on Coconut Oil

You know that horrible dryness that a tan can leave behind? You don't want it to stick around, so nip it in the bud along with your tan by using coconut oil. Wash your skin and then apply coconut oil to it, paying extra attention to any areas that are darker from the UV exposure. Massage it well and leave it on for a few minutes before stepping into a bath. You want the steam from the bath to open up your pores so that the coconut oil can penetrate deeply into your skin. This is also a great pampering session! Then, wash off the coconut oil. Your tan will fade but your silky-smooth skin will remain.  

Step Four: Feed Your Skin Yogurt

Greek  yogurt is not just great for breakfast, but it's also helpful for banishing that horrible tan! Since it contains lactic acid, it will exfoliate your skin, while its creaminess will help to moisturize it beautifully. Sounds good, right? You want to sit with Greek yogurt on your skin for about 20 minutes before hopping into the shower.

Step Five: Lighten Up with a Cream

If you want more intensive skin-lightening because you have a hot date or work appointment, you want to avoid any harsh chemical skin lighteners that promise to bleach your skin because they can be toxic. It's better to reach for a natural skin-lightening cream specifically targeted to removing suntans.

Enhanced Sepiwhite Suntan Reducing Cream is packed with natural lightening agents such as aloe, cucumber and Vitamin C to erase a bad tan without the drama.

To successfully get rid of a tan really quickly, you should follow the above methods daily so that you shine beautifully all through the season without any dangerous UV exposure. Put the sun on ice and get your own glow!  

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