How To Remove Sun Tan From Your Face and Unveil Luminous Skin

Getting a tan and replenishing it accelerates your skin’s ageing and can cause sun damage, so it’s definitely a no-no this summer. If you’re stuck with a face tan that you want to get rid of ASAP, here are tips to help you achieve a healthier, more luminous complexion.

When you’ve got a tan you wish to eliminate quickly, you might immediately think that you need abrasive or invasive treatments to get rid of it, such as chemical peels or laser treatments. These are not allowed for tanned skin, however, as they can lead to splotchy and discoloured skin, giving you even more issues to deal with. Although tans can be stubborn, there are healthy ways to send them packing.

Pile on the Anti-Tan Face Pack   

Using a face pack on your tan will help to eliminate it from your skin. You can make your own natural face pack with ingredients right in your home.

  • A great one to try is a rose water, lemon juice, and cucumber face pack. Lemon and cucumber are both natural skin lightening ingredients, while rose water is soothing to skin that has been exposed to the heat. All you need to do is place a tablespoon of each of these ingredients into a bowl and mix them well. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the mixture before applying it to your face. Sit with it for about 10 minutes before washing it off. Do this every day to gently take your skin back to its natural skin tone while nourishing it with healing ingredients.

  • Another DIY skin lightening trick is the use of aloe vera. Aloe is also a natural lightening agent that helps to hydrate the skin. You should apply fresh aloe vera gel to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Make its effects even more powerful by adding lemon juice to it. As a sidebar, aloe vera is also great for soothing any sunburn you might be experiencing. Whenever you use aloe vera on your skin, bear in mind that it makes your skin more sensitive to light so you have to be sure to amplify your sunscreen usage when you head outside.

Strip Your Skin

Exfoliating the surface layer of your skin can help to slough away your tan along with dead skin and pigment that’s there. Exfoliation is also a great way to keep your skin at its healthiest because it encourages cell growth so that your skin is luminous all through summer.

You can make your own exfoliating recipe by mixing together sugar and olive oil, or choose skincare products containing exfoliating ingredients such as glycolic acid. Exfoliating is also an efficient way to eliminate a fake tan, so if you’re fretting over streaks and splotches you now have a way to get rid of them.

Use Natural Products to Brighten Up

It’s not just DIY skin lightening that makes use of natural ingredients. These can also be found in skin lightening products which are effective at removing your tan and restoring your skin’s glow. Avoiding harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone in favor of natural brightening ingredients, such as licorice, koji berries, and honey, nourishes your skin and lightens it beautifully. Skin brightening products also heal your skin from a variety of other ailments, such as dryness or sun damage in the form of age spots and wrinkles. The result is a glowing, youthful complexion.

You don’t have to be stuck with unwanted tans this summer. Embrace a brighter, healthier skin with safe and effective ways of eliminating your tan.

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