How to Remove Dark Patches on Cheeks, Nose, and Face

Noticing dark patches on your face is an instant mood killer. You can cover them up with a good foundation, but this is something you have to do numerous times a day to keep them under wraps--talk about high maintenance! A better idea is to start treating your skin so you can send dark patches away forever. To do so, you’ll need the right products and healthy skincare routine. Ready? Let’s go spot hunting! 

What Are Those Dark Patches?

Pigmentation commonly shows up on the face. Known as melasma, it tends to appear as dark patches on cheeks, the nose or elsewhere on your face. Since the most common cause of pigmentation is the sun, it makes sense that pigmentation will show on your face as this is the part of your body that will most be exposed to those damaging rays.

Dark patches on your cheeks and face need to be treated gently. You can’t rush out and buy chemical skin lighteners as these are filled with toxic ingredients that can actually make the problem worse--and irreversible, such as if they cause ochronosis, a skin condition that causes blue-black marks on the skin. You definitely don’t want that!

Gentle Skincare Routine to Remove Dark Patches

It’s better to treat your skin with love, which will ensure your pigmentation issue not only clears up but also that your skin is healthier. Healthy skin is the most attractive because it will stay gorgeous. Here are steps to follow:

1. Amp Up Your Exfoliation

A lot of pigmentation tends to accumulate in the surface layer of skin. How do you remove it? You need to exfoliate your skin! A good idea is to use an exfoliator that contains skin-lightening ingredients so that it’s brightening you up and busting melanin in one go! Try Skin Soho Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser that gently exfoliates and refreshes your skin. It’s also safe for daily use, and will scrub your skin to greater luminosity in no time.

2. Always Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin against sun damage and pigmentation. Although you might think sunscreen isn’t going to help remove the damage you’ve already got, it can prevent your current pigmentation from getting worse - and it will prevent new spots from cropping up! Don’t neglect areas on your face such as your ears and the tip of your nose when applying sunscreen.

3. Stop Tanning

While we’re on the subject of UV exposure, you should also avoid tanning. Every time you tan, you are damaging your skin. To speedily remove a tan and any damage, use a product like Enhanced Sepiwhite Suntan Reducing Cream that contains soothing aloe and cucumber to restore your skin’s natural radiance.  

4. Use a Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Instead of harsh chemical skin lighteners, reach for natural ones. Although you might think these are not as powerful to remove dark patches on your cheeks and face, ingredients such as kojic acid and bilberry are actually highly effective. The trick for even better results is to choose a product that combines a variety of natural skin-lightening ingredients to increase its whitening effect without putting your skin at risk.

  • For Face: Try Sepiwhite Face Whitening and Rejuvenation Fluid that contains herbal ingredients to remove skin damage, uneven skin tone, as well as those stubborn dark patches on cheeks and the rest of your face. It has kojic acid as well as other natural skin lighteners, such as aloe and bilberry (which is similar to blueberries).
  • For Body: Try Skin Soho Body Lightening Soufflé. This product is even more luxurious than it sounds. It brightens skin while moisturizing it so that it’s radiant and silky-smooth. It contains pampering ingredients such as rosehip, shea butter and aloe.

Getting rid of dark patches on cheeks, nose and face that make you feel less confident is totally possible. By following a healthy skincare routine with the use of nourishing products, you can flaunt gorgeous and clear skin that’s the picture of health.

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