How to Prepare Your Skin for Whitening Cream

How do you prepare your skin for summer? Maybe you whip out the extra-strength sunscreen or invest in a lighter moisturizer. Those are both good ideas but if you’re interested in lightening your skin with a whitening cream, you should first prepare your skin for it. This is vital to care for your skin and also make it more receptive to the brightening product that will follow. 

As with any skin treatment, what you do beforehand makes a difference in the result, so invigorate your skin and make it glow with these essential pre-whitening steps.

Scrub and Shine

You want to apply your whitening cream to a clean foundation, so make sure you gently cleanse your skin beforehand. This gets rid of bacteria as well as any makeup residue that can be present. You can use your regular skin cleanser for this step, but an even better idea is to use a cleanser specifically tailored to prepping your skin for whitening. An example is the Latte + Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser that not only gets rid of any dirt and makeup but also exfoliates your skin so that you won’t have dead skin cells forming a barrier to the absorption of the whitening creams that will follow.

Another good cleansing product is a lightening soap. Try Original Sepiwhite Lightening Bar that cleans and gently scrubs your skin while infusing it with antioxidants.

Don't Forget Your Toner 

Toner is important to use daily after cleansing your face. Although it sometimes feels like an unnecessary step in your skincare ritual, it is actually very beneficial to your skin in various ways. Toner helps to refresh your skin, balance its PH levels, and prevent impurities from penetrating its surface. A toner should therefore be used after cleansing your skin and before using a whitening cream. 

You might see that some pre-whitening products are called ‘rinses’ but they’re often very similar to a toner. An example is White Tea Cellular Refining Rinse. It balances your skin and gets rid of any trace impurities that cleansing didn’t eliminate. This product is applied to your skin with a cotton pad and, like a toner, must not be washed off.

Keep it Soft 

You should use moisturizer twice a day, every day, not just when you want to prep your skin for a whitening treatment. When your skin is kept hydrated, it looks healthier and supple. It will also appear much brighter by default because dryness leads to skin becoming less elastic, which accentuates lines and wrinkles while making skin look dull. That is not conducive to a gorgeous skin lightening routine at all!

When choosing a good moisturizer look for a product with a humectant in it. Humectants are ingredients that pull water from the environment to your skin, locking in hydration. You can spot natural humectants such as shea butter or oils such as jojoba and avocado in moisturizers as well as natural skin whitening creams. These will ensure your skin stays lusciously hydrated and luxurious every day. 

Now that you know hydration and skin lightening are a powerful team, you’ll be sure never to miss out on nourishing moisturizers again, whether before or after a skin brightening session.

Getting your skin ready for a skin whitening treatment is an important part of achieving stunning skin this summer. Follow the above tips to gently prepare and invigorate your skin so it can look its most radiant.

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