How to Choose the Best Dark Spot Remover

Having a dark spot or two on your face is never fun. It makes you feel self-conscious, unconfident and less gorgeous than you’d like. Although hiding the discoloration with some foundation and concealer can be a short-term solution, it’s never guaranteed to stay put. Plus, you want your skin to look good without any extra help! That’s why you need a dark spot remover. Here’s how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

Look for Vitamin C

While you always have Vitamin C in your diet, such as in the form of red bell peppers or grapefruit, bear this in mind: Vitamin C is much more effective at zapping dark spots when applied to the skin topically! When it comes to clearing up discoloration, Vitamin C is the antioxidant that should be in your skincare arsenal because it’s an effective skin lightening ingredient. However, it also gives you another bonus: firmer skin. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production so your skin remains youthful. Choose Vitamin C-packed products if you want to get youth-boosting and lightening results in one go.

A product that contains Vitamin C as well as other nourishing and lightening ingredients will gently but effectively erase your dark spots so that you can unleash your brightness to the world.

Consider a Peel

Sometimes, the pigment that’s causing dark spots on your skin is lingering in the surface layer. Getting rid of the pigmentation with exfoliation, such as a chemical peel, will eradicate it after a few sessions. Peels can sometimes be annoying, though, because you have to wait a few days after the treatment to get rid of any flakiness or redness (you might look sunburnt for a while). In addition, peels are not a good choice for darker skin types as it can lead to a temporary or permanent increase of pigmentation.

An alternative to peels is to choose a dark spot remover with exfoliating ingredients, so you get both exfoliating and lightening in one treatment. Great exfoliating ingredients include oats, walnut shells, and glycolic acid which is a common ingredient in chemical peels.

Try a Natural Ingredient

You don’t have to search for long on the internet to find skin whitening recipes you can make yourself that will eliminate dark spots on your skin. A really easy recipe is with aloe vera extracts and rosewater. Place both in a container and mix them well before applying the blend to your face. Sit with it for approximately 20 minutes.

The only catch when using homemade recipes to lighten your dark spots is that you have to be patient. Results might take weeks to show. An alternative is to choose a skin lightening product that contains the natural ingredient you’re interested in, such as aloe. The blend of nature with scientific formulation will make your skin clearer within a few days.

Stock up on Sunscreen

While you’re finding the perfect product to remove your dark spots, bear in mind that you need to wear sunscreen every day. There are many reasons for this:

  • Skin whitening treatments and products remove melanin in the skin. Although this is good to prevent discoloration, it also means your skin’s natural defense against the sun is removed - not a good thing! It’s important to protect your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • In addition, sunscreen helps not only to protect your skin against discoloration (and skin cancer), but if you already have discoloration it will prevent it from getting worse or appearing in a different area of your skin. Always make sure you finish off your whitening process with a slathering of sunscreen.

There are many effective choices for eradicating dark spots on your skin. The key is to stick to a treatment and avoid abrasive ingredients that can damage your skin!

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