Healthy is the New Gorgeous: Why You Need Corrective Skincare

Life takes its toll on your skin. On a daily basis, you’re putting your skin at risk of UV and chemical exposure that cause skin damage. There’s also general aging that occurs which you want to delay for as long as possible. For all these troubles that can afflict your skin, you need products that will zone into any problem areas and eliminate them so that you face the world with radiance and confidence.

By getting rid of any skin problems you’re dealing with, you can achieve beauty in its most natural form. A currently popular trend in beauty and skincare involves focusing on your skin in its raw state instead of wearing a lot of makeup to hide your flaws. Fresh-faced beauty is all about ensuring your skin is as healthy as possible because that is when it’s most gorgeous. Corrective skincare forms part of this. Here’s why it’s so important to incorporate it into your beauty routine.

Turn Back the Clock

There are so many factors that can cause your skin to age, from bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and skipping sunscreen to not eating nutritious foods. Starting a healthier lifestyle is important for your skin but you should also be choosing naturally based skin products. These contain antioxidants your skin requires to fight off free radicals and are kinder to your skin rather than infusing it with harmful chemicals. Such natural anti-aging ingredients that should be used to correct your skin include green tea that blocks free radicals and UV exposure, and Vitamin C extracts that boost your skin’s collagen production so you peel off the years by displaying firmer, younger skin.

Find Your Luminosity   

Tans are so last decade! These days, bright and even skin is much more beautiful and also healthier for you. Every time you expose your skin to the sunshine or sunbed you’re doing damage to it, which over time will result in wrinkles, discoloration, and blotchiness. To prevent and correct such damage, you want to focus on getting luminous skin and bidding farewell to unsightly tan lines. Treat your skin with skin lightening products that not only brighten up your skin but contain fruit and botanical extracts that clear it up so it looks flawless. This is especially a must now that it’s summer and you’ll be showing off more skin - make sure it glows!  

Slough Away Pigment

Pigmentation can occur from various factors, such as sun exposure or pregnancy. Before you reach for chemical whitening products to lighten and even out various types of spots and marks, opt for exfoliation treatments.

You can easily exfoliate your skin yourself with natural products that gently eliminate the dead surface of skin so that you show off the healthiest, youngest skin cells you’ve got underneath. This makes your appearance much more radiant. But exfoliation offers you another benefit: it strips away discoloration because in many cases pigment lingers in that dead surface layer of skin. Skin Soho Latte and Granita Pre-Treatment Cleanser is an example of an exfoliating and brightening product to try: it contains tiny grains of granita that exfoliate your skin while being packed with nourishing ingredients such as aloe to heal and refresh it.

Corrective skincare is really about revealing your most beautiful skin. Sometimes your natural beauty becomes hidden under damage from various skin stressors, but you can unveil it. Luxurious and beautiful skin can be achieved with natural products that brighten and treat your skin effectively while giving it the pampering it deserves.

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