Halloween Makeup Tips to Look So Gorgeous it’s Scary!

Halloween is such a great holiday because you get to dress up and be more daring with your makeup. That doesn’t mean you have to leave the house looking a fright, though! You can look gorgeous and artistic on this fun holiday. Here are tips and trends to try with what’s already in your makeup bag.

Before you go ahead and try an interesting Halloween look, here are some important tips to follow so that your makeup’s a treat! 

Get Excellent Coverage

You want your skin to look good when you’re attending those Halloween parties. This is not just important to achieve coverage because it gives you a smooth, clean canvas on which your makeup effects will take stage, but it is also essential for parts of your skin that aren't going to be covered up. You still want to look your best! 

A whitening lotion that contains natural ingredients should be part of your skin routine to nourish it with healing agents while also giving your skin radiance. That way, when people compliment you on your scary eyes or Carrie-like runny makeup, your skin will naturally draw attention because it looks so good! Besides, any effects you’ve done on part of your face won’t look as good if the rest of your skin is in an unhealthy state.

 Multi-Task Your Makeup!

Some items in your makeup bag can really work double duty when it comes to achieving a striking Halloween makeup look. For instance, liquid eyeliner comes in handy because it contains a thin brush that can be used to apply stitches, spiders or other small designs to your face without any fuss. Another example is red rouge that can be applied to your eye area for a bold, blood-like smoky eye.

Now, what to do with your makeup look? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling…

Focus on One Feature

Contrary to popular belief, showing off some Halloween spirit on your face doesn’t mean you need to cover up your whole face. Sometimes it can be more effective to focus on one feature and do something creative with it, such as by painting red all around your eyes like the Red Queen and then leaving the rest of your face subdued. Or, turn yourself into a pretty night owl by drawing spikes of white, grey and black with eyeshadow around your eyes, then finishing off the look with lots of black eyeliner and false eyelashes.

Just Add Glitter!  

Glitter and jewels are big makeup trends and appear in Halloween makeup tutorials, too. It’s a great way to dress up as a goddess if that’s what you’re going as to a dress-up party or just if you want to achieve a bit of drama while still being gorgeous. All you need is to do smokey eye makeup and then add some makeup brand glitter to the mix (avoid regular glitter as it’s not good for your skin). Now you look like a sexy vampire!

Intensify What You’re Already Wearing

You don’t have to do anything too crazy if you’re not comfortable - just play up the makeup you already tend to wear. For instance, if you wear pink or red lipstick, punch up its saturation with a darker, richer tone. Whatever you usually do with your eyeliner, make it a little more eye-catching with winged eyeliner or a smudgy, smoky eye and a few coats of mascara (or false lashes). You can do the same with your blush - add more product to define your features and contour your face. It’s also really easy, then, to master a goth look in this way because your regular makeup will just be more dramatic. 

Have fun with your makeup box this Halloween, but be sure to prep your skin properly with a whitening lotion that will achieve glorious, radiant skin that’s a treat all year round.


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