Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face Before a Vacation

When you’re planning for a vacation you’re probably imagining the gorgeous outdoors and seeing the sights -- not dark spots on your face. Dark spot removal can become more important before a relaxing vacation. How should you get rid of them? Here are some methods you can try, depending on how much time you have before leaving on a jet plane.

Try Your Hand at Home Remedies

If you have weeks to prepare your skin for your vacation, you could try home remedies to lighten your skin. Recipes that make use of natural whitening agents, such as lemon, honey and aloe, can lighten your skin over time and they’re convenient because you can get all the ingredients you need at your local supermarket. However, natural remedies do take longer to work so you want to try them when you have weeks at your disposal.

Start an Exfoliating Plan

You should be exfoliating your skin at least once or twice a week, from a few weeks before your vacation. This not only scrubs away dead skin that can leave your complexion looking dull but it also removes any pigment that resides in those dead skin cells. Sloughing away the surface of your skin helps to make your complexion glow so that you achieve radiant holiday skin even before leaving the house. You can make your own exfoliating scrubs at home that are effective. Try mixing together sugar and olive oil before gently scrubbing your skin with it.

Chemical Peels: Should You Have One?

If you want to get rid of dark spots on your face quickly, you might be tempted to book a chemical peel at your dermatologist. This is basically a more intensive form of exfoliation with a blend of acids that boost skin cell renewal while eliminating discoloration.

However, chemical peels make your skin more sensitive to the sun so it’s not good to have one before heading to a holiday in a warm climate. It also takes a few days after a peel for your skin to recover, becoming less irritated and red, so you should take that into account. Chemical peels contain a risk of scarring the skin and sometimes use chemicals that aren’t naturally-based, which can be damaging to your skin.

Strike a Balance with Natural Skin Lightening

The use of a skin-lightening cream that contains natural ingredients is an effective way to treat dark spots on your face before your next vacation. Since they’re formulated by experts, natural skin-lightening creams work quickly. Even if you’re short on time, natural skin-lightening products can give you clearer, brighter skin within a few days, without the side-effects of invasive skin treatments. You also avoid any nasty chemical side-effects, such as more dark spots or irritation, because the ingredients are derived from plants.

If you are just starting out with a skin-lightening regimen, it’s important to begin with a mild product to open up your skin to the lightening process. Once you see results you can upgrade to the next product in the range. This is gentle on your skin and allows you to achieve the most effective skin-lightening results. So, give your skin a chance to become receptive to whitening by starting the process about two weeks before your holiday begins.

Don’t let dark spots on your face cause you stress when you should be getting into relaxation mode. Treat them quickly and effectively so that you flaunt your most beautiful complexion and look amazing in all your photos.

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