Want a free Product?

Do you have an influential social media account? We're giving away free products in exchange for honest unbiased review of our products, how exciting!!

Here's how to Qualify—

If you have one of the following, you could qualify to receive a free trial sample of Skin Soho, Fair & Flawless or Esthetic Blend skin corrective product for review purpose only;

1. Personal blog of medium to high influence (500+ visitors / day)
2. YouTube account with 5,000+ subscribers
3. Instagram account of 5,000+ followers
4. Business Facebook page with 1,000+ likes

5. Twitter account with 5,000+ followers

If one of the above applies to you, please email us at—, kindly provide us with a link to your site or social account and we will get back to you within 24/48 business hours. It's that easy, now let's get started!

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