Oro Sepiwhite Face Whitening Moisturizer


Birthed out of necessity—Esthetic Blend Oro! We refer to it as the  Tonight  Face Whitening Moisturizer— birthed from nature that has the power to transform the skin, rejuvenating and renewing even the darkest complexions

EB Oro Sepiwhite Face Moisturizer+ 

Swiftly resolves stubborn pigmentation on the face. Get 2,3,4,5 or even 10+ shades lighter with continued 2x daily application.

What is it:

It’s super concentrated face whitening cream that work miracles on the most stubborn facial pigmentation. It swiftly eliminates dark discolored patches and evenly whitens the skin within record time.

What to Expect:

Within the first few days to 1 week of 2x daily application the skin will become even toned, lighter, supple, plump, fresh and dewy.

On week two the skin will begin to show dramatic improvement in clarity and whiteness

Week three, the skin whitening process will continue, the skin will continue to whiten, resulting in totally flawless, spotless whiter skin

 Who it's for: Anyone who wants to quickly improve brightness, whitening, firmness and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and achieve the look of poreless for skin that appears virtually ageless.

What it does: With the nutrient-rich Miracle Mix™, the heart of La Mer's profound powers of transformation, skin is immersed in moisture, sensitivities soothed, radiance restored. The Miracle Broth in Crème de la Mer is suspended in an extraordinary formula. The secret to activating its renewing power and enjoying its profound benefits lies in a soothing ritual.

How to use: Crème de la Mer must be warmed for a few seconds between the fingers until it becomes translucent, then pressed gently into the skin.

Pro tips: Mix 2–3 drops of your renewing oil into the crème and apply onto your skin for extra hydration and soothing, whenever your skin needs a little extra glow. Make this combination a part of your pre-flight ritual as well.


  • Paraben-free; sulfate-free
  • Item #272339

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