Fair & Flawless™ Custom Made Hand & FEET WHITENING EMULSION


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No matter how unattractive your feet may be today, give this incredible and super effective slough and bleach intense feet whitening emulsion 5-6 days and watch your those "I hate my feet" comments fade to total confidence. Your confidence will begin to soar as your feet begin to transform right in-front your very own eyes.The results are consistent and guaranteed to leave your feet looking flawless in a matter of  few weeks. Packed in an easy to use no mess dispenser that ensures the potency and integrity of the formula remains effective to the very last drop. Try it once and you will be a fan for life.

Fair & Flawless Anti Aging whitening hand & feet femulsion contain an incredible combination of natural extracts of sepiwhite msh, orchid extract and other exclusive ingredients that work together to slough, restore,whiten, lighten and bleach your hands / feet to total perfection and confidence.

These are extracts of:  Nasturtium Officinalis, Arctium Lappa, Salvia Officinalis, Citrus Limonum, Hedera Helix, and Saponaria Officinalis. Combined with 15% palm oil vitamin c extract, these extracts balance the skin and promote its restoration, help PIGMENTATION development, and serve as an anti-pigmentation reduction treatment.

Our key ingredients include a delicate blend of BHA's, AHA's,Sugar Maple extract, Orange extract, lemon extract, Vitamin A, Kojic Acid, Carrot Extract,Sepi-white Msh, Orchid extract, and a proprietary blend of other concentrated blend of active skin whitening naturals. Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and DEA PG-Propyl PEG/PPG-18/21 Dimethicone. Lactic Acid is an organic acid used to control the pH factors in the Exfoliating process without affecting the stability of the emulsion. Glycolic Acid is helpful for skin problems and skin restoration. It helps to resolve dry skin conditions while exfoliating excess flaking or crusty skin. Our Glycolic Acid+ also reduces the appearance of resistant dried and dark skin. DEA PG-Propyl PEG/PPG-18/21 Dimethicone exhibits certain properties of water repellency and emollient properties and works as a skin protectant. It protects the natural moisture balance of the skin. 

Usage:   Use your Fair & Flawless Prep & White pre-skin bleaching crystals + activator to physically buff down those old dead discolored and blackened skin from the top of your feet, rinse with lots of warm water. then pat dry, apply your Fair & Flawless "Flawless Feet" whitening cream, massage very well. Do this twice daily and watch your once dark, ugly blotchy, black, spotty "I have to hide them in the summer months, I cant wear open toe shoes/sandals feet" become flawless and totally kissable in a matter of 1-2 weeks. A bright,white, lighter restored and spot free set of feet with touchable toes is only weeks away.

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