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Time to Shine with Skin Brightening

Even if your skin doesn’t require whitening effects, a more luminous skin tone will make you glow beautifully. It’s the epitome of health and glamour. The Skin Soho Collection is perfect for creating brightening results without dramatic whitening. Fair & Flawless, on the other hand, offers more intense skin lightening.

Either way, a natural radiance is achieved with products that even out skin tone by decreasing pigmentation and sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal velvety and lustrous skin underneath. Whether you want to nip some pigmentation in the bud, remove tan lines, erase spots or reverse sun damage, there are brightening products available to allow you to shine.

The corrective treatments are beautifully balanced with rejuvenating ingredients to create flawless skin. Free of damaging chemicals like hydroquinone, the brighteners in Skin Soho safely and gently cleanse and repair your skin, revealing your inner glow.

It’s your time to shine like a goddess.  


The Perfect Balance with Skin Lightening

There are various phases of skin whitening. Nestled between illuminators and bleaching lies skin lightening. Its medium intensity enables you to adjust the tone and quality of your entire complexion by becoming one or two shades lighter. The result? Skin that looks like you’ve just returned from a luxurious day spa, with a rejuvenated tone, smoothness and pearly radiance.

Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho lightening products use luscious botanical ingredients (while giving a miss to harsh chemicals like hydroquinone) to safely and gently lighten your complexion. With products tailored to your skin type and the lightness you’re hoping to achieve, in as little as five days your skin will polished like a diamond. Nourishing, easy-to-use creams, gels, toners and soaps will help you rediscover your skin’s naturally balanced beauty.


Striking Effects with Skin Whitening

If your skin requires more intensive lightening, then skin whitening products can take you to sparkly new heights. Filled with healing ingredients to reduce melanin, these products can lighten your natural skin tone by up to five or six shades. While they’re intensive, they’re also abundant in rich and replenishing botanical ingredients to refine your skin.

These products are available to you if you dream to achieve a renewed complexion that glows. Skin Soho and Fair & Flawless products are carefully designed to gently whiten skin, boost brightness and stimulate healthy skin cells, while being free of harmful chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your beautiful skin.

Application of these cleansers, gels and creams is luxurious and dermatologically approved. You gain fast and dramatic results while simultaneously giving your skin a pampering treatment so it can look divine.


Dramatic Renewal with Skin Bleaching

Bleaching your skin is the most intensive skin lightening process that reduces and inhibits melanin. It’s perfect to achieve dramatic effects, but the process should stimulate healthy, nourished skin. Our whitening products do both: they uncover your natural skin tone to reveal a flawless complexion while clearing your skin with lavish and natural botanical ingredients.  

You want fast and visible lightening results with dazzling skin while knowing that you’re also protecting it against harmful substances. Dermatologist-approved, the range of exquisite creams and gels evens out your skin tone with non-toxic ingredients while giving you the luminous skin you’ve always wanted.

Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products offer intense whitening results that can go several shades lighter than your normal skin tone. They’re gentle, cultivating all-round gorgeous skin that looks lush and naturally healthy.  

Browse through our products to start your exciting skin whitening journey.