Step 3 Body Treat

Step - 3. Treat

Fair & Flawless™ 5xf Body Lightening Gel
Oil free and lightweight, this all-over body gel contains specially formulated Sepiwhite*— 20 times more effective than hydroquinone—but safe to use. Want your legs long, smooth, and creamy colored? Your shoulders to have a uni-color gleem? Get 5xf Body Lightening Gel now. Smooch it all over, and get ready for a color that’ll put you in miniskirts and halter tops faster than you thought possible. FOR BODY USE ONLY. DO NOT APPLY TO FACE.   


Skin Soho™ White Tea Lightening Gelée

Women from the Far East are notorious for their flawless, glowing and fair complexions. So are the fabulous celebrities of Hollywood. Jealous? Don’t be! Get Skin Soho’s White Tea Lightening Gelée for the same creamy complexions of your fashionista sisters in the East and the glowing celebrities in Hollywood. Relax your mind and condition your skin with nourishing aloe vera, rosehip extract, rosemary, jasmine, mulberry extract and powerful sepiwhite. Your skin will be totally flawless to the eyes and incredibly soft to the touch. Perfect for all over body use, and easy to control.. Use a little or a lot for the ultimate in skin lightening luxury.